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Welcome to Swiss 5 Stars Hospitality Services
The only  professional hospitality service training school registered in Miami

whether you're new to the business or you've been server for years, we will give you the tools you need to walk, talk and act like a seasoned pro...

We are an expert Hospitality Training School with goal to teach individuals the professional expertise without having to spend thousands of dollars and several years on a formal education in Europe or North America. Our courses are designed by hospitality experts. The training will be taught by industry professionals with over 30 years of experience which mean participants will learn the essentials skills and techniques and become in no time efficient, self confident and organized server. The training will make your first few days on the job easier, help you excel in your new or current position and become an admired and efficient staff member quickly. Boost your career in as little as one week with our unique hospitality courses!

Our intensive short course features the same content as if you would take an eight-week course for a certificate hospitality business online program. The course has been condensed into smaller courses, so you can complete your certificate in a shorter schedule and as your budget allows. Every course is also available as a stand-alone class.

Take advantage of our great experience in the hospitality industry because it will pay-off. Once you have learned from our professional courses you will be able to work later in any type of restaurant like a real professional and earn more money. We recommend you to start from Course day One with a logical progression: Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five and why not ending with the Wine Course . The courses can be also booked one-by-one and you can decide when you want to enroll for the next course at your convenience. Click here to see the entire Course

Having a printed certificate indicating you attended the courses it lets restaurant management know that you have a great understanding of how the operation works and about the position. This is very important, especially when they are hiring new staff. It shows initiative on your part. It also gives you the knowledge and confidence in answering questions during an interview.

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