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Welcome to Swiss 5 Stars Hospitality Services
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in the Hospitality Business is the guest experience the key of your success,
then your staff is the most valuable asset the property possesses!

Swiss 5 Stars Hospitality Services provides a full range of consulting and training services for forward thinking restaurant owners and operators. As experienced hoteliers, operators and consultants our advice is practical and efficient. We help to identify and evaluate new concepts and opportunities within existing operations and competitive environments. We are also fully capable of stepping into the management to implement solutions and make necessary adjustments to improve operations and profitability.

In North America, it seems that a great number of staff lack basic knowledge essential to work in the hospitality industry. This results in making your operation less productive, degrades customer service, reduces profitability and causes a high employees turnover.

Swiss 5 Stars Hospitality Services will provide your staff the most professional service training anywhere! Our courses are designed by Hospitality F&B professionals for individuals, whether beginners, new hires or for experienced staff, who want to extend or refresh their already acquired knowledge and experience. Our courses will train your staff to become professional, more efficient and organized. They will acquire all the essential skills, technique and etiquette in only a few days.

With our professional course, participants will quickly learn and understand how the hospitality industry really works. They will become more self-confident, competent and intuitive, and as a result they will bring a more relaxed, consistent and a professional environment, and most importantly they will provide a great service to your customers.

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